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  • GENERAL VOLUNTEER. You'd like to be a general volunteer who helps us with our events (on-site support) and works with us through our collaboration efforts (where we step in to provide support for other organizations and shelters for events and clinics)

  • JOIN A TEAM. Would like to join one of the following teams/efforts:

    • Marketing: Help with content, social media, email campaigns and more

    • Volunteer coordinators: Oversee and execute the volunteer process from start to finish; support, grow and expand our team

    • Events: Select venues and oversee event execution, including promotions and sponsorship

    • Development: Engage and thank donors, support strategy for growing our donor base

    • Foster coordinator: See animals through the foster process from start to finish

    • Adoption coordinator: See animals through the foster process from start to finish

    • Research: Collect data and information to help us make informed decisions

If you'd like to donate your professional services to SAYv Animal Organization through the "Solutions" program (example: if you're a photographer and you'd like to help take photos of homeless pets at our partner organizations), send us an email at


Thanks to our partnership with Petsmart, we can host adoptable cats within their store located in Geneva, Illinois. This has improved our cat adoption rates and helped us SAYv many more homeless kitties throughout Chicagoland.

Shifts are only a couple of hours at a time and include giving some TLC to the kitties there (they really need it! Otherwise they’re in their cages). Other than loving on kitties, there are some basic cleaning chores such as cleaning litter boxes and doing laundry.

We need two volunteers to go to the store per day, so even if you can go a couple times per month, or fill empty shifts here or there, it makes a big impact for us.

If you’re looking for some hands-on volunteer work, this is the purrrrfect solution for you! It is SO much fun <3. 

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