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SAYv Animal Organization (pronounced "save") is a startup animal welfare organization focused on supporting, creating and executing life-SAYving solutions for homeless animals in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Aruba. 

SAYv is 100% foster-based and volunteer-run. We are currently based in Plainfield, IL, but have operations (aka fosters and volunteers) in Chicagoland and the surrounding suburbs.​




We save and place abandoned and homeless animals.


Unfortunately, since we are a start-up organization with limited funds, we aren't able to take in all of the more challenging cases that we'd like to, but we know this will be easier once we get a solid financial base and network. We fully intend to help open-admission shelters save ALL at-risk animals, including major medical and seniors.

Based on our experience, rescue efforts cost an average of $1,000 per animal. Some may be $500 (roughly the bare minimum of basic medical care and spay/neuter), and some may cost $7,000. We do not want to risk not being able to afford medical care for an animal that needs it. 

We would like to prioritize animals that are facing the greatest risk of euthanasia, and support open-admission shelters with low save rates.

For now, we will keep doing the best we can with what we have. Thank you for your support!


Humans are animals too! 

Many people don't realize that support for pet parents is an essential element of lowering the intake for open-admission shelters, ultimately decreasing the number of homeless pets and SAYving more lives. Through this program, we do what we can to keep humans and pets together.

This program has had a "soft launch." We need to add additional volunteers to our team and ramp up fundraising efforts to be able to expand this effort, BUT, we are very excited. 


Below are the superheros of SAYv - the management volunteers that handle all operations. While you may not see the superhero capes in the photos, trust us, they're there. We also have a network of other volunteers who support all of the life-SAYving work that we do, including operations at Petsmart Geneva. Learn more about volunteering here.

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