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The pandemic has significantly increased the demand for dog adoption. With so many applications, many organizations are struggling to keep up with demand, specifically when it comes to puppies. Due to COVID-19, airlines are not allowing adult dogs (“cargo pets”) to fly, so puppies will be 100% of the outpost’s initial placement activity.

Animal welfare is a significant concern in Aruba and we are excited to give these puppies a chance at happiness instead of condemning them to death solely because they’re homeless. Lack of spay and neuter programs, Government funding, and animal welfare policies lead to a significant volume of homeless pets being killed in Aruba. Right now one of the only Government initiatives to reduce the stray pet population is a “kill cage” where people can drop off animals to be inhumanely killed.

Our first trip to Aruba was March 7, 2021 through March 17, 2021, where we met the Luna team in person, helped with on-site rescue efforts, discussed strategy, and of course, we brought back puppies!

We hope to make this an ongoing effort with Luna Foundation in order to ensure their Chicago Outpost is a well-oiled machine with a replicable process that can be utilized in other U.S. cities.


When we bring puppies back, we usually aren't 100% sure on which puppies will be brought back, or how many. A lot depends on our efforts while in Aruba, as well as the health of each puppy saved. We are fairly certain that most of the pups will be "Cunucu" dogs - a breed of "island dog" very popular in Aruba.

Check out pics of the puppies we brought back in March!

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