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Futuro Nobo is a campaign to get adult dogs off the island of Aruba. Our goal: give these dogs a "new future" in the U.S.

Animal welfare is a significant concern in Aruba and we are excited to give these angels a chance at happiness instead of condemning them to death solely because they’re homeless. Lack of spay and neuter programs, Government funding, and animal welfare policies lead to a significant volume of homeless pets being killed in Aruba. Right now one of the only Government initiatives to reduce the stray pet population are a “kill cage” where people can drop off animals to be inhumanely killed, and a "dog catcher" that picks up strays and kills them.

Our first trip to Aruba was March 7, 2021 through March 17, 2021, where we met the Luna Foundation team and the Nine Lives team in person, helped with on-site rescue efforts, discussed strategy, and learned more about the challenges on the island. We fell in love with these organizations and the island. Seeing SO MANY stray animals on the island was beyond challenging, and we were determined to help.

Adult dogs have been stuck in Aruba since the pandemic started. Airlines have said it's too challenging to fly adult dogs, and if they do offer flights for adult dogs (that have to go into cargo), the fees are over $1,000 per dog. We FINALLY have an opportunity to fly adult dogs to Miami thanks to Amerijet.

We are partnering with One Love Foundation and flying to Miami, Florida on June 14th to pick up as many dogs as we can and drive them back to Chicago. One Love also has another group heading toward Massachusetts. We desperately need donations and fosters, as well as rescue commitments. The more animals we get commitments for, the more we can fly here.

Below are photos of the three dogs we agreed to take into the SAYv family from this very important initiative. They are our first official save commitments EVER!

Please consider applying to be a foster or donating to this very important campaign.

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